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Visual Design, Games, and Photography

What's Your Story?

My name is Aven, and I deal in design. Through the course of my career I have developed a passion for effective communication through visual storytelling and branding. I’ve logged just over 15 years of experience creating visuals and products for brands of various sizes. From small local vendors to some of the biggest names in entertainment, my focus is always on getting to the heart of the story and working with my clients to find their voice.

I often scale as needed to meet the demands of various projects by teaming up with talented freelancers in my personal network of design and video production professionals. If you have a surface that needs art, we can help you get it there!

Tabletop Game Design

Since 2016 we’ve made a bit of a name for ourselves as a top-notch board game design group. Tight mechanics, best in class art, and relatable themes enjoyable by all ages. Cantankerous Cats was our first breakout hit, with Prosperitea to be released as our follow up title. We have also been commissioned to work on games for other publishers.

Visual Design

Browse my catalogue of creative projects. A mixture of recent work and greatest hits from over 15 years of design and production work! Services include Art Direction, Graphic Design, Video Production, and Publication Design.


I specialize in architectural and commercial photography. Wide angle lenses, dramatic angles, and cinematic flair are my defining traits as a photographer. I usually shoot for commercial clients requiring razor sharp, marketable images that sell a product or location. I am consistently cited as being ego free, easy to work with, and I allow you to keep your RAW files for use by your own creative staff.

Mentha Shop

Shop board games, tea, prints, and anything else we cook up in our store! Buying directly through us is the best way to support our work and any other independent artist you enjoy.

Our store is powered by Shopify and all goods are shipped from my home studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Work With Us

Looking for a boutique, hand crafted touch on your next creative project? Fill in the form and drop me a line! I’ve worked on and managed everything from small one page ads and social media graphics packages to 20-30 person commercials and narrative short films for paid clients. If you need some creative execution, chances are we can help you out!