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The ferocious feline card game of cunning, mischief, and schadenfreude.

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You live in a House. You share this House with your pet Hoomin. The aim of Cantankerous Cats is to smother your Hoomin with Affection, then score points for manufacturing Mischief in your house.

You must accomplish this while deftly deflecting the malicious machinations of other Cats in the neighborhood. The first Cat to score NINE Mischief Points is declared the winner!

Sell Sheet Cards ver01


The best way to learn Cantankerous Cats is to watch our tutorial videos in the Tips & Tricks section of the site. While the mechanics are simple in principle, there is a lot going on and learning through example tends to feel better for most new players.

We also have a PDF manual for you to browse if you are the book learning sort of Cat.


Learning Curve3-5 min10 min20 min
Play Time10-15 min20-30 min10-15 min per player
Play StylePartyCasualTournament
Instant ActionsOptionalYES
Pounce TokensYES
Feral CatsYES

You can also check out advanced tips and strategies in our “Tips and Tricks” section.

Try the game before you buy it! The Print & Play Edition is free to download, designed in Black & White to save ink, and will cost about $12 USD to print at your local office supply store if you don’t have access to a printer.

All game files are sized to 8″ x 10″, so you should be able to print these on US Letter or A4 International paper sizes.


Thank you for shopping direct from our store! As an independent operation, direct sales are the best way to support us or any other indie artist. The second best way is to find us or request us at your favorite local game store.

Everything ordered here will be fulfilled with care by team Cantankerous Cats in Los Angeles, CA. We generally fill and ship orders within 24-48 hours if the order was placed between Monday – Friday.


SHIPPING UPDATE: We have gone eco-friendly for shipping! We have made the switch to using 100% recycled and recyclable mailers from EcoEnclose. This adds about $1 worth of cost to our overhead, but we aren’t passing that on to you. However, if you want to help us offset the cost, you now have the option to add a Tip during checkout!

10% is the maximum tip and will generally cover the cost of the extra weight and expense of our eco-packaging for small orders. But please don’t feel obligated to tip!

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Take Care of Each Other,
Al Gonzalez – Alpha Hoomin of Cantankerous Cats


Aven Gonzalez
Director, Lead Game Design, Graphic Design, Illustration

Elise Spacek
Art Director, Illustration, Game Design

Shawn Strider
Game Design

Jose Pimienta
Illustration – Painting

Heather Gross
Illustration – Pencils


“Chedda” Verna, April Knight, Athena Merenghi, Brettney Perr, Bryan Knight, Corrinne Marks-Stevens, Jen Giragos, Justin Bastian, Kaley Bastian, Lauren Marks-Stevens, Louis Mazza, Michael Bastian, Michael Zvaleko, Miles Flannigan, Roman Gonzalez, Ryan Omega, Sarah Todd, Shawn Todd, Sonni Taillon, Tamar Curry


Aven Gonzalez III
Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Video Editing, Animation

Alice McGown
Director of Photography, Camera Operator

Joey Rassool
Camera Operator

Hunter Wentworth
Production Coordinator & Key Grip

On-Camera Talent
Alexander Ward, Brettney Perr, Bryan Forrest, Christine Tatomer, Elise Spacek, Jose Pimienta, Kari Lane, Louis Mazza, Sasha Travis, and Satine Phoenix

Cat Wranglers
Elise Spacek, Michael Zvaleko, & Terry Chiu


Sypher Arts Studio
Game Haus Cafe
Iron Relic Entertainment
Geeky Teas