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Tabletop Games

Mentha Designs began the foray into tabletop games with Cantankerous Cats in 2016. We successfully funded our very first Kickstarter campaign and turned a lot of heads while doing so! We have since worked on multiple games for other designers and publishing companies and are currently working on our second project: Prosperitea. You can browse our list of games and visit their websites below!

Mentha Games

A Mentha Game is more than a simple “print it and sell it” sort of affair. Our motto here is “Theme First.” When you play a Mentha Designs game, you are stepping into a world that extends beyond your tabletop. From day one we made the foray into teas, storybooks, and high production video content to help immerse the player in the world of our games. We bring every corner of our experience to every project we produce and our first party games are the best examples of that.

You are a Cat. You live in a House.

You share this House with a pet Hoomin. Your goal is to smother this Hoomin with Affection, then cause as much Mischief as you can without being thrown out of your House. The first Cat to score NINE Mischief points is the winner!

Our premiere title delivers a scaleable rule set for families, casual gamers, and card game veterans.

You Own a Tea Shop.

You pride yourself on your craftsmanship and strive to be the most prestigious tea shop in the neighborhood. Source ingredients, blend them into a wide variety of teas, then sell them for instant profit or display them in your window for Prestige. The tea shop with the most Prestige at the end of the game is the winner!

Prosperitea is live on Kickstarter. 

Client Projects

Ever since we made our splash with Cantankerous Cats, our work has been sought out by companies looking for an extra level of attention to theme and execution beyond your typical board game design. The following projects are work that has been produced for other companies using the same level of care and skill as our first party games.

CLIENT: TGG Games ~ ROLES: Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, UX

After launching Prosperitea on Kickstarter, I was contacted by the client to spearhead the visual redevelopment of a modern board game classic by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Malbanc. They wanted someone with a keen eye for theme, detail, and immersion and that happens to be where I excel as a designer and art director.

Everything from the original version of the game was scrapped, reimagined, and redeveloped with painstaking research about the Titanic incident itself, the advertising collateral from the era, the costuming, and the level of diversity present on the ship. Everything that was designed was based either on actual documents from the ships records or inspired by the best information we could find from the time period.

CLIENT: Alderac Entertainment Group ~ ROLES: Branding, Graphic Design, UX

Project Summary Here.

CLIENT: Horseshoe Games ~ ROLES: Graphic Design, UX, Illustration, Product Development

CLIENT: Indie Boards & Cards ~ ROLES: Art Direction, Graphic Design, UX, Product Development