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You Own a Tea Shop

Like all artisans, you pride yourself on your craftsmanship and strive to be the most prestigious tea shop in the neighborhood. Source ingredients, blend them into a wide variety of teas, then sell your teas for instant profits or display them in your window for prestige.

Hand crafted tea is a tight market and you won’t be able to get by on your own. You’ll need to ask for favors to fill the most demanding orders and secure the most prestige.

The shop with the most prestige at the end of the game is the winner!

Reviews and Previews

Game Credits

Aven Gonzalez
Project Director, Lead Game Design, Art Director, Graphic Design, Illustration

Jose Pimienta

Jason Serrato
Consulting, Logistics Captain, Game Balancing 

St Bastian’s Tea Company
Tea Consulting, Tea Blending, Game Balancing

Spike Murphy-Rose

Beta Testers

Athena Merenghi, Charly Charney-Cohen, Cynthia Eagan, Justin Bastian, Matteo Marjoram, Nicholas May, Ruel Gaviola, Ryan Omega, Sam Sterling, Sidney Rubino, Spencer Carney, Ted Femrite,  First Play L.A. Meetup Group

Video Credits

Aven Gonzalez
Director, Writer, Video Editing, Animation

Jason Serrato

Alice McGown
Director of Photography, Camera Operator

Hunter Wentworth
Production Coordinator & Key Grip

On-Camera Talent
Jackie Chao, Amy Berciano, Aven Gonzalez

Geeky Teas & Games

Special Thanks

Geeky Teas & Games
St Bastian’s Tea Co.
Cardboard Alchemy
Unfiltered Gamer
Ruel Gaviola
Ryan Omega
Labyrinth Masquerade