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Wholesale Portal

Welcome, retail vendor! You have arrived at our wholesale portal where you can order our products at wholesale pricing. We use the same Shopify engine as our consumer page, so orders are simple and straightforward. Just load up your shopping cart and checkout like normal!

This portal is ONLY for retail vendors, so if this is your first order, we will e-mail or call to confirm your reseller permit and address using the information you provide on checkout. Thank you for your support and welcome to our world!

Core Offerings

Our core offering are the games themselves. Always sold in cases of SIX to keep things tidy for your inventory.
Shipping is extra and will be calculated on checkout. Your first order will include ONE free demo copy for display and demo!

NOTE: Prosperitea products are due to arrive in MAY of 2022.

Cantankerous Cats (CC)
SIX Pack

$60.00 USD
(MSRP: $20 USD/unit)

Prosperitea (PT)
SIX Pack

$75.00 USD
(MSRP: $25 USD/unit)

Thug Life (TL)
SIX Pack

$145.00 USD
(MSRP: $45 USD/Unit)

Coming Soon!

We also offer a smattering of loose leaf tea, metal coins, hand crafted boxes, and other sundries direct to customers for our games. We will be adding a limited amount to our catalog in the future.